Tempur Original mattress review for 2020


Tempur is one of the most well-renowned mattress retailers in the UK. As one of the first to use memory foam in their products they were instrumental in shaping the way we sleep nowadays. Foam mattresses are now a very popular choice for a number of different reasons.

Unlike other mattresses tested here, the Tempur Original is not a bed-in-a box mattress. They do not come vacuum-packed in a box and do not need to inflate over time. Instead, they arrive ready to use.

As Tempur mattresses are one of the most well-loved mattress brands, we wanted to put it through our tests. Read our in depth mattress review of the Tempur Original below to find out why we scored it a 6.4 in our tests.

Tempur Original mattress construction

Depending on the depth of the mattress, the Tempur Original made of three or four foam layers. The Supreme Tempur Original measures 21cm and only has 3 layers, whereas the Elite and Luxe versions have four layers respectively. In each model the top three layers are the same, merely the height of each mattress is different. The Elite and the Luxe models have an additional bottom layer.

Top cover: The cover is fully removable and can be washed at 60°C. The Elite and Luxe version also feature QuickRefresh technology that helps keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Top foam layer: This layer provides comfort. Depending on the model, this has a depth of either 2cm (Supreme), 3cm (Elite) or 5cm (Luxe).

Second foam layer: Provides the necessary support. Depending on the model, this has a depth of either 8cm (Supreme) or 9cm (Elite and Luxe).

Third foam layer: This features durabase technology and ensures your mattress remains stable. Depending on the model, this has a depth of either 11cm (Supreme) or 6.5cm (Elite) or 8cm (Luxe).

Forth foam layer: Only in the Elite and Luxe models. Provides an additional layer of support and durability. Depending on the model, this has a depth of either 6.5cm (Elite) or 8cm).


Tempur Original mattress sizes and prices

The Tempur Original mattress is vastly different from its competitors, in terms of pricing and sizes available.  While most retailers offer just UK and EU sizes, this mattress comes in all standard UK sizes as well as special sizes. Customers can also choose the depth of their mattress. This is something the other brands reviewed here do not offer. Depending on the size of your bed frame or your personal needs and preferences being able to customize the mattress to this extent can be a nice option. Price wise, the Tempur is considerably more expensive than other mattresses reviewed here. However, Tempur frequently have ‘free gift with purchase’ offers or run other promotional deals that allow you to make a saving. They also offer free delivery and returns and a 10-year guarantee on all products.

Single Mattress UK – The UK single Tempur Original Elite mattress measures 90 x 190 cm and has a depth of 25 cm costs   £1,729.00

Double UK – The UK double Tempur Original Elite mattress measures 90 x 190 cm and has a depth of 25 cm costs   £2,399.00

King Size UK – The UK king size Tempur Original Elite mattress measures 90 x 190 cm and has a depth of 25 cm costs   £2,799.00

Super King Size UK – The UK super king size Tempur Original Elite mattress measures 90 x 190 cm and has a depth of 25 cm costs   £3,149.00


In depth Tempur Original mattress review

To offer you fair mattress reviews, we put each mattress through the same tests and score each mattress on the same criteria. We use test machines to ensure you get objective results.

  • Durability (7.9/10)

When you a invest in a mattress, you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why we test the durability of the mattress, so you know long you can enjoy the benefits of your mattress. Using our advanced rolling machine, we simulated 10 years of use on the Tempur Original mattress. In this test, the structure and foams changed slightly. However, the change is not severe, so it will only feel slightly different to the first day you bought it. As this is sign of the mattress quality being good, we gave Tempur 7.9 out of a possible 10 points.

  • Point- elasticity (10/10)

If you share your bed with a partner you will need your mattress to have good point elasticity. Otherwise you might feel your partner moving around on the mattress. Depending on how often he or she moves, this can also disrupt your sleep or cause you to wake up. For this test, we use a test machine to determine whether the rest of the mattress is affected, if pressure is applied in one area. This measurement tells us how point elastic a mattress is.

After putting the Tempur Mattress through our tests, we discovered that it had great point elasticity. This means that the mattress compressed well in the area where we placed our weight but didn’t compress in other nearby areas. If you lie on this mattress, you will not feel your partner moving next to you. For getting some of the highest scores among the mattresses tested, we awarded  Tempur 10 out of a possible 10 points.

  • Ergonomics and Comfort  (6.3/10)

In order to assess how the mattress would support your body, particularly when you’re sleeping on your side or your back, we test the ergonomic abilities of the mattress. This evaluation consists of two categories; ergonomics and viscoelasticity.

Ergonomics (7.7/10)

So you wake up refreshed, the mattress needs to have good ergonomic properties. To determine this, we use a test machine with several different weight attachments. We then lower the 20 intenters and measure how well the mattress adapt to these weights. Our score is based on the deviation from the optimum result, or the ideal sinking level. In our test, we found that this mattress will support your spine fairly well throughout the night, as shown in our test scores. Due to this, we awarded the Tempur mattress 7.7 points in this category.

Viscoelasticity (1.9/10)

In order to sleep well, we need our mattress to provide the perfect amount of support and comfort, even when we toss and turn through out the night. Being prevented from doing so would restrict us from feeling its comfort. To determine whether a mattress will allow us to move around effortlessly, we look at how viscoelastic its foam properties are. The Tempur mattress performed the worst in this criteria, with a score of 1.9. However, although it scored poorly in this test, we need to mention that some people enjoy mattresses that take longer to adapt to your body. Some have linked this feeling to being hugged. We recommend heading to a shop to test out the Tempur Original mattress before making a decision based on this score alone.

  • Mattress cover (8.8/10)

    Being able to remove the mattress cover is an important feature that mattresses should have. Washing the mattress cover is a great way to remove any stains or spills that might occur. In this category, we look at what temperature the mattress cover can be washed at and also whether the cover shrinks after being put through several washes.

    Shrinkage (8.5/10)

As per the instructions, we washed the mattress cover at 60°C. Our test showed that the cover barely shrank. We were very impressed.

Temperature (10/10)

Similar to the Emma Mattress, we really appreciated that the Tempur mattress cover was able to withstand temperatures of 60°C, which it why it received a perfect 10 in this category.

  • Ease of use (1/10)

We also look at how easy it is to move  your mattress. Ideally it should be easily transported by one person. To determine how easy it is to move the mattress we measure the weight of the mattress as well as the presence of handles.

Weight (1/10)

The Tempur Original in the UK Single size comes in at a hefty 26.4kg. We felt that at this weight it would be fairly difficult for a person to move the mattress by themselves. This was significantly heavier than the other mattresses we tested and therefore the Tempur scored very low in this criteria.

Handles (1/10)

Since the mattress didn’t have handles, we weren’t able to give the mattress full marks

Verdict: Good high quality mattress


Although the mattress scored lowest in our technical tests, we still believe this to be a good choice. With Tempur you are getting a high-quality mattress that you’re sure to get a good night’s sleep on. And while compared to the other mattresses it didn’t fare as well, we would still urge you to at least visit a nearby mattress shop that carries Tempur mattresses. You might find it’s perfect for you.

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