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On the market since 2014, the Eve Original mattress has quickly become a bestseller for the UK-based company. Though Eve Sleep has added a number of different mattress types to the their portfolio, the Eve Original remains the most popular mattress.

But the Eve Original isn’t just a favorite amongst customers, it also received numerous awards and recommendations, and was even one of Which?’s Best Buys in December 2018.

We put it through our tests, and while it didn’t receive the highest scores, the Eve Original mattress did score an 7.4 making it a very good choice. Read our Eve Original mattress review below and fit out in which tests it did particularly well.


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Eve Mattress Construction


The Eve Original mattress core consists of three layers of memory foam, while high-quality fabric encases the mattress.

Top cover: Made from moisture-wicking materials, it prevents you from feeling too hot at night.

Bottom cover:  Equipped with non-slip coating it stops your mattress from slipping off the bed base.

Top layer: made from spingier foam than previous iterations, this breathable evecomfort top layer prevents your body from sinking too far into the mattress.

Middle layer: the middle layer consists of soft memory foam that provides light relief and takes pressure off the body

Bottom layer: The bottom layer is made from firmer and denser foam that prevents sagging. It also has zones to relieve pressure from the shoulder and hips.


In-depth Eve Original Mattress Review


Objective tests

To offer you fair mattress reviews, we put each mattress through the same tests and score each mattress on the same criteria. We use test machines to ensure you get objective results.

  • Durability (5/10) 

High-quality mattresses usually don’t come cheap. So, when you make the investment, you want to know that it will last a long time. That’s why we test the durability of the mattresses –  so you know exactly how long your mattress will last with regular use. Ideally, you should get between 6 and 8 years of comfortable sleep before the mattress starts to show signs of wear and tear. In our thorough durability test, where we use machines to simulate 10-years of use, the Eve mattress did not perform as well as we expected.

The Eve Mattress received  the worst score for this criteria, as deteriorated quite significant over the stimulated period of 10 years. While this is the worst score from the group of mattresses we tested, the Eve mattress is still sufficiently durable enough to last many years without changes to it support and comfort.

  • Ergonomics (7/10)

So you wake up refreshed, the mattress needs to have good ergonomic properties. To determine this, using a test machine, we  assess how the mattress reacts to the body. We compare this measurements to an optimum result. Our score is based on the deviation from this optimum.

The Eve mattress performed decently well in this criteria. While this score could have been improved, we still think that the Eve mattress provides relevantly good spinal support in comparison to the mattresses that didn’t make this list.

  • Support (5/10)

A supportive mattress keeps your spine in the same position as when you are standing. In order to measure this, we look at how much the body sinks into the mattress at different mattress zones. If you sink in too deeply or not enough, you will not get the right amount of support. In this test we use a test machine with a several different weight attachments. We determine how well the mattress adapts to this weight. A good mattress keeps your spine parallel to the mattress.

We found that the Eve mattress didn’t perform well in this criteria Since the weights sank in too deep in several areas, we can conclude that the mattress wouldn’t have kept the spine in line. Due to this, we gave Eve a score of 5 out of 10.

  • Motion isolation (9/10)

Motion transfer helps you understand how a bed will feel to a sleeper with a restless partner. A mattress that isolates motion well and doesn’t transfer it to the other side of the mattress will ensure you won’t be woken up by your partner if he/she is moving around in bed. To determine how well a mattress isolates motion we look at how point elastic a mattress is.

Eve performed exceptionally well in this test. When weight was applied, the mattress compressed in one side of the mattress, without affecting the other side. In other words, no matter how hard your partner moves during the night, this mattress will reduce the risk that his/her movements will disturb your sleep. Due to this almost perfect score, we awarded the Eve mattress 9 out of 10 points.

  •  Mattress Cover (6/10)

Being able to remove the mattress cover is an important feature that mattresses should have. Washing the mattress cover is a great way to remove any stains or spills that might occur. In this category, we look at what temperature the mattress cover can be washed at and also whether the cover shrinks after put through several washes.

We followed the instruction on in the booklet and washed the cover at 40 degrees ° C.  We found that the Eve mattress had slightly shrink during this process.

In addition to this, the washing instructions for Eve´s cover stated that a temperature of 40° C  was sufficient enough to clean it. However, given the need for a healthy sleep environment and comparing it to Emmas and Tempurs  instructions of 60 ° C , this  temperature is not sufficient enough to ensure the cover is entirely bacteria free. Due to these factors, we awarded the Eve mattress a total of  6/10 points.

  •   Ease of handling (9/10)

The ease of handling a mattress is based on two criteria: the weight of the mattress and the presence of handles. These two criteria are important, especially for people who may have increased difficulty moving the mattresses.

With a weight of 16.7 kg for a 90 x 190 cm, the Eve mattress was one of the lightest mattresses that we tested. This is why we have it a score of 8/9.

In addition to this since the Eve mattress had handles on the cover, we added 1  additional points, increasing the score to 9/10.


Final thoughts: Eve Original Mattress 

All in all, the Eve mattress performed very we in certain categories  such as motion isolation and ease of handling. However, it really lacked in the level support it provides. It therefore performed satisfactory, receiving an average score of 7.35.

Prices and Mattress sizes


The prices are quite correct, at the same level as its competitors:

  • 90 x 190: € 449
  • 140 x 190: € 699
  • 160 x 190: € 799


Customer Service


Much like other online mattress retailers, Eve offers its customers the opportunity to trial all its mattresses for 100 days before you have to decide whether to keep it or not. The warranty is also 10 years. Furthermore, they offer to take away the old mattress, but charge a fee for this service. As with emma mattress, delivery is free, and you aren’t charged for returning a mattress, either. Their customer service can be reached via chat, email and telephone!


Verdict: Eve Original Mattress


The Eve mattress is a very good choice if you are looking for a memory foam mattress that offers great comfort. Thanks to its progressive technology it is a good choice for people looking to replace their mattress. However, it falls slightly short of other memory foam mattresses in this category.

Find out more on their website , or compare it to other brands of mattresses in this comparison page .


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