Dormeo Options Mattress Review

Dormeo has been producing high quality Italian-made mattresses for over 10 years. The mission of Dormeo is to provide optimal comfort at home. They want their products to help make the bedroom a calm, comfortable and effortless sleeping environment.  Furthermore, Dormeo is committed to offering good mattresses for every budget. The prices are kept fairly low by selling directly to the consumer and not using middlemen. Each of the Dormeo mattresses uses Italian memory foam which adapts to the body’s shape and temperature to ensure a good night sleep. The company offers its customers free delivery when ordered via

Dormeo OPtions mattress

Dormeo Hybrid mattress construction

Dormeo Hybrid mattress is made up of both memory foam and pocket springs. The memory foam layer offers support, while contouring to the body. Additionally, the mattress core  consists of individually wrapped springs. These cradle the body, fully supporting it. Each spring contours to the body and provides additional support. The memory foam layer is 2.5cm high, while the pocket springs measure 18cm.


Dormeo Hybrid mattress offers good support and comfort. The memory foam layer relieves pressure and contours to the body, delivering restful and supportive sleep. The individually wrapped springs further support and cradle the body. Each of the springs contours to the body and won’t transfer movement. In addition, the unique air-mesh sides move humid air out and brings fresh air in, supporting air circulation throughout the mattress.

Dormeo Hybrid Customer service

Dormeo Hybrid mattress is easily ordered via When bought here it can be delivered without charge. The mattress arrives vacuumed packed for delivery, making it easily transportable to a room of choice.

Verdict: good, affordable mattress

Dormeo Hybrid mattress is marketed as an exciting entry-level mattress. It fulfills this role very well, offering good support and comfort at a good price. However, the mattress is fairly low in comparison to others tested. Additionally, Dormeo does not offer its customers a trial period, nor free returns. Subsequently we have chosen to deduct .7 stars because of this and also because it is not made in the UK and the construction is fairly simple. However, it still remains a good choice for people on a budget.
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