Casper ‘The Casper’ mattress review for 2020


The Casper mattress was one of the first bed-in-a-box mattresses to enter the UK market. This American company was founded in 2014 and has since become one of the most famous online mattress retailers. Though mattresses are their bread and butter, the Casper range has expanded to include pillows, bed frames, bedding and other sleep accessories.

The popular mattress isn’t just loved by customers across the US and the UK, but independent testing facilities were also equally impressed by this bed-in-a-box option. This best-selling mattress has been endorsed by Which?, the Evening Standard, Real Homes and many more.

As one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses currently on the market, we had to put the Casper through our thorough tests as well. And we were not disappointed. We felt the Casper mattress was both supportive and comfortable. In our subjective tests, it scored a 8.5. Read our full review below to find out exactly why this mattress impressed us so much.



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Casper ‘The Casper’ Mattress construction


The Casper mattress is made up of 4 layers of mixed foam and encased in a polyester cover.

Cover: Made from premium knit, the cover has hidden handles. It can also be zipped off and washed.

Top layer: The top layer is made from open-celled foam that gives the mattress its bouncy feel and also prevents the mattress from overheating.

Second layer: Made from a higher density foam, this layer contours to your body to relieve pressure points.

Third layer:  The third foam layer is made from firmer polyfoam, which increases pressure relief, in particular for the shoulder, hip and lower back.

Fourth layer: The supportive bottom layer is made from high-density polyfoam that ensures your mattress lasts longer and remains stable. It’s also zoned for increased spinal alignment.


Casper Mattress sizes and Best Mattress Prices


Much like other bed-in-a-box retailers, the Casper mattress is available in a number of EU and UK sizes – from UK Single 90×200 to the larger Super King 180x200cm. This mattress is the midrange option in the Casper mattress range, with prices starting at £400. While this price is comparable to other similar mattresses, from what we can tell, Casper offers lower discounts during their sale periods than other brands.  They do, however, give customers 100 nights to try the mattress and delivery and returns are completely free. Each mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty.


Casper Mattress popular sizes and prices:

Single Mattress UK – The UK single Casper mattress measures 90 x 190 cm and costs   £400

Single Mattress EU – The EU single Casper mattress measures 90×200 cm and costs £450

Small Double Mattress UK – The UK small double Casper mattress measures 120 x 190 cm and costs £550

King Size Mattress UK – The UK king Casper mattress measures 150 x 200 cm and costs £700

Super King Size Mattress UK– The UK super king Casper mattress measures 180 x 200 cm and costs £800

Single Mattress UK– The EU single Casper mattress measures 90 x 200 cm and costs £450

Double Mattress EU– The EU double Casper mattress measures 140 x 200 cm and costs £600

King Mattress EU – The EU king Casper mattress measures 160 x 200 cm and costs £750


Casper Original Mattress In-depth review

To offer you fair mattress reviews, we put each mattress through the same tests and score each mattress on the same criteria. We use test machines to ensure you get objective results.

  • Durability (10/10)

High-quality mattresses usually don’t come cheap. So, when you make the investment, you want to know that it will last a long time. That’s why we test the durability of the mattresses –  so you know exactly how long your mattress will last with regular use. Ideally, you should get between 6 and 8 years of comfortable sleep before the mattress starts to show signs of wear and tear.

After the test, we didn’t see any significant difference in the composition of the Casper mattress. The mattress did not sag in any areas and maintained its supportive structure throughout. Due to this, Casper scored a perfect 10/10 in this criteria, making it one of the most durable mattresses we have tested in years.

  • Point elasticity (9.7/10)

If you sleep next to a partner, you will need your mattress to have good  point elasticity. A mattress that isolates motion well and doesn’t transfer it to the other side of the mattress will ensure you won’t be woken up by your partner thrashing around on the mattress.

For this test, we use a test machine to determine whether the rest of the mattress is affected, if pressure is applied in one specific area. After putting the Casper Mattress through this rigorous tests, we noticed relatively minimal disruption since it only slightly compressed in areas where the weight wasn’t applied. We therefore awarded  Casper a near perfect score of 9.7  out of 10.

  • Ergonomics  and Comfort (7.4/10)

In order to assess how the mattress would support your body, particularly when you’re sleeping on your side or your back, we test the ergonomic properties of the mattress. This evaluation consists of two categories; ergonomics and viscoelasticity.

Ergonomics (7.4/10)

To determine how supportive the mattress is, we use a test machine that has 20 different weight attachments. Here, we look at how the mattress responds to these 20 indenters being lowered on the mattress surface. We then compare this measurement to an optimum result.  For Casper, we measured a significantly higher deviation from the optimum result compared to other memory foam mattresses. Since the mattress still showed fairly decent levels of support and was still well within an acceptable score, we awarded Casper  a 7.4 out of 10 in this category.

Viscoelasticity (7.5/10)

A good mattress is one that allows you to move around without much effort. To determine this, we look at how viscoelastic a mattress is. Mattresses with a high viscoelasticity tend to make moving around more difficult. This isn’t ideal, as most people twists and turns on the mattress quite frequently.The Casper mattress performed well as it showed great adaptability to the weights. Due to this, we can conclude that you will be able to move around on this mattress with relative ease.

  • Mattress Cover (7.7/10)

Being able to remove the mattress cover is an important feature that mattresses should have. Washing the mattress cover is a great way to remove any stains or spills that might occur. In this category, we look at what temperature the mattress cover can be washed at and whether it shrinks after several washes.

Shrinkage (8.3/10)

We followed the instruction on in the booklet and hand-washed the cover at less then 40 degrees ° C.  The Casper mattress cover didn’t perform as well as we expected since it shrank quite significantly.

Temperature (5/10)

In addition to this, the washing instructions for Casper’s cover stated that a temperature of 40° C  was sufficient enough to clean it. However, given the need for a healthy sleep environment and comparing it to Emma’s and Tempur’s  instructions of 60 ° C , this  temperature is not sufficient enough to ensure the cover is entirely bacteria free. Due to these factors, we awarded the Casper mattress a total of  5/10 points in this category.

  • Ease of handling (5.9/10)

The ease of handling a mattress is based on two criteria: the weight of the mattress and the presence of handles. These two criteria are important, especially for people who may have increased difficulty moving the mattresses.

Weight (5.5/10)

With a weight of 17.6 kg for a 90 x 190 cm, the Casper mattress was one of the lightest mattresses that we tested

Handles (7/10)

The mattress conveniently includes handles. However, as they are placed on the bottom rather than on the sides of the mattress, we awarded 7 out of 10 points.


Verdict: Casper Original Mattress

Our final thoughts on the Casper Original mattress are very favorable. The Casper Original Mattress is one of the best mattresses in the market and compared to some of its direct competitors, the price is relatively fair. Additionally, it performed second best in our technical tests, exceeding in criteria such as mattress durability and body support.  Be sure to test out the mattress for yourself  as the brand offers 100 nights trial.

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