How are mattresses tested?

A mattress review gives you indepth information about different aspects of a certain brand and/ or type of mattress. They’re very helpful, as you can use them to compare different mattresses and choose one that suits your needs the most. This makes buying a mattress a lot less risky- espically if you choose to purchase one from an online mattress retailer. But how exactly are mattresses reviewed and tested? We’re here to explain this to you!

Mechanical Mattress Test

Mattresses are generally tested during the development of a mattress. However, consumer bodies such as Which? also test and review various mattresses, in order to give consumers an unbiased and independent review. They usually make use of special machines to test their mattresses, as these give the most accurate results.
In a mechanical mattress test, pressure is exerted on the mattress by rolling a large weight over the mattress several times. This is used to test the durability of the mattress. If it does not pass this mattress test, you will get the so-called indentation marks. These prevent the mattress from spinging back to its original form and seriously inhibit  These marks occur when the mattress is used for too long, or simply when the quality of the mattress is low.
Another mechanical mattress test is the test for ventilation. At night you sweat more than during the day, so ventilation is important. This mattress test measures how much moisture the mattress absorbs and how quickly this moisture is discharged into the outside air.

Mattress test with test subjects

Depending on the type of test, mattresses are also tested on test subjects. Usually this test uses both  a heavier and a lighter person. It can measure things such as comfort, body contouring, support and spinal alignment. You can determine how far a person sinks into a mattress and whether he receives the correct amount of support. A mattress should also contour to the body, which means, for example, that the spine remains in a straight line when in a side sleeping position.
You can find the results of the mattress tests on Which?’s website.

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