Emma Original vs Emma Hybrid Review

Finding the best mattress that suits you or your loved ones isn’t an easy task. Not only is there an influx of new mattress brands that have entered the British Market, but now many popular mattress brands offer several different mattress variations within their product range. Emma is one of such mattress brands. After having entered the British market with their Hybrid mattress, they have developed a foam version too, the Emma Original. To help you decide, we have reviewed both mattresses and highlighted its main similarities and differences below.


Emma Original Vs Emma Hybrid

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Emma Original vs Emma Hybrid comparison

The Emma Sleep Company offers 2 mattresses in its UK product range – the Emma Hybrid mattress and the Emma Original. Both of these mattresses are popular with customers and independent testing institutes alike and for a good reason. Both mattresses seem similar upon first glance. However, due to the additional layer of conical pocket springs in the Hybrid, the mattresses feel slightly different to each other. Check out our more in-depth break-down of the mattresses below.


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Original mattress

The Emma Original is one of the most popular mattresses on the market today. Made from three layers of foam, this model has fast become a favourite among many independent testing agencies, winning multiple awards. We were equally impressed: The Emma Original received the highest score in our thorough tests.

Best Value


Emma Original Mattress Review

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Many people looking for a mattress online should be familiar with the  Emma brand. This bed-in-a-box mattress has fast become very well-loved and for ample reason. Since it entered the market in 2017, the Emma Original has received numerous awards, accolades and recommendations, including the Which?. In our own thorough tests, it received full points in numerous categories and was also the best tested mattress.


The Emma Original Mattress consists of 3 distinct foam layers, the pressure relieving top layer, the visco-elastic memory foam and the breathable cold foam layer. All of these foams work perfectly together to give you  much needed body support and comfort. The grey removable and washable zippered cover is made of 98% Polyester and 2% Elastane and  features of anti-slip elements.

Firmness and Feel

It’s safe to say that everyone has different mattress preferences, whether its spring or memory foam. However, most people opt for a medium firm mattress, especially in the UK. That is exactly what Emma Mattress company have used in their Emma Original Mattress, as it is a medium firm mattress that was created with many different body types and sleep preferences in mind. A mattress that truly fits everyone!

 Awards and Customer Reviews

Many independent and unbiased consumer associations have named the Emma Original their best tested mattress, making it the UK’s most-awarded mattress in 2019. Some of these awards and endorsements include Which?, Good Housekeeping, The Independent, and Expert Reviews. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Emma Original is one of the most sold mattresses in 2019, with many happy customers seeing the benefits for themselves.

Price and Promotion

The Emma Original mattress is available in 8 different sizes and comes in both UK and EU sizes to fit everyone’s preferences. The price of the mattress is often equal to other similar mattress brands. The Emma Original starts at £429 for a UK single mattress and goes up to £799 for the Super King sizes.

Impressive all-rounder

All in all, we were very impressed with this mattress. In out tests, Emma performed exceptionally well and was awarded the ” Best Mattress”. If you’re on the lookout for a pure foam mattress that has great support and motion isolation, then you cannot go wrong with the Emma Original mattress.

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Hybrid Mattress

Re-introduced due to increased demand, The Emma Hybrid Mattress features advanced sinking technology and the combination of high-quality foam, similar to the Original, as well as a layer of pocket spring. This gives the mattress a perfect balance of pressure relief and maximum body support. A full review that includes more thorough machine testing is coming soon, so stay put!


No Grade

Emma Hybrid Mattress Review

  • Which? Best Buy 2019
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If you’re looking for a bed-in-a-box mattress that has the feel of a traditional spring mattress yet has an updated modern touch to it, then we recommend taking a look at the Emma Hybrid Mattress. The Emma Hybrid first came out in 2017, with many positive customer reviews and even a Which? Best Buy in the mattress category.


The Emma Hybrid mattress consists of 3 layers of high-quality foam. This includes the pressure relieving top layer, the visco-elastic memory foam and the breathable cold foam layer. Unlike the Emma Original, the Emma hybrid also has around 2,000 pocket springs in a second 0.7-inch layer under the Airgocell foam. The mattress cover is created with the same material as the Emma Original, therefore it also consists of 98% Polyester and 2% Elastane along with non-slip elements.

Firmness and Feel

The added pocket springs in the Emma Hybrid mattress are small yet very effective as they give the mattress  ‘zoned’ support. This helps enable both back and side sleepers to feel comfortable as their spine is ergonomically aligned while they sleep. Similar to the Emma Original, the Hybrid Mattress is also built with medium firmness. However, many customers have said that this mattress has a much softer feel to it.

Awards and Customer Reviews

The Emma Hybrid is what won the Which? Magazine 2017 mattress of the year award, so it is a tried and tested model which has a lot of good and positive reviews. Within the last year, the Hybrid Mattress was only sold through retailers such as DFS and Carpetright. However, due to popular demand and great reviews,Emma decided to re-introduce the Emma Hybrid Mattress and we are positive that it will follow in the direction of the Emma Original and become just as popular.

Pricing and Sizes

Emma was developed with the aim to provide consumers with a value for money mattress. This is reflected in their pricing which is very competitive.  The Hybrid starts at £479 for Single sizes and goes up to £849 for the Super King sizes.

Great Hybrid mattress

Even without having done machine testing, we can already tell that the Emma Hybrid Mattress is a great mattress. It works especially well for those who are looking to update their current mattress without wanting to lose out on that traditional feeling.

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We consider both the Emma Original and Emma Hybrid to be great mattresses. The main difference lies in the preference of the the customer. If you prefer a foam mattress that provides great spinal support, you should definitely check out the Emma Original. If you however  want a mattress that combines the support benefits of modern foam technologies with comfortable traditional pocket springs, then the Simba Hybrid mattress is a great choice.


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